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Do I Pay Child Support if I Have No Income?

Children need financial support from both parents, even when the couple is no longer together. However, when a parent is out of work, disabled, or otherwise without an income, supporting minor children is impossible. That leaves many people wondering how the matter is handled within the state child support system.

The truth is, the Orlando courts will still order child support payments when a non-custodial parent is without income. There are numerous reasons why the order is still put into effect without employment or income. It’s up to the individual receiving payments to enforce the collection of this money. Several missed payments may result in a warrant for your arrest for failure to pay your financial obligation.

The court uses several methods to determine the rate of child support for a parent who is not employed. This includes past employment history and job information. An unemployed parent may also bring tax papers to court with them if they choose. The judge may also use a calculator to determine the income the parent could earn if successfully employed.

If you can work out a payment arrangement with your ex=spouse and avoid the court systems altogether, that is certainly your best option. However, many cases are not so simple and this is not a realistic possibility. The information above is some of the things you can expect once a child support matter makes its way into the court system.

When you are unemployed and face the challenge of paying child support, it is best to speak with a child support attorney orlando fl. Lawyers understand the laws and know your rights and ensure that the best outcome in the case is yours at the end of the day.

child support attorney orlando fl


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