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How to Contact Elected Officials

It is not always easy to contact elected officials since we don’t do this every single day. But, one you learn how to contact the government, it becomes a much easier task that you should take advantage of as often as possible. When you reach out to elected officials, it ensures that your voice on important matters is heard. Exactly how can you reach elected officials in your area or in the federal government? There are a few options available for contact.

1.    Public Database: The U.S. government makes available a public database that contains information for elected officials in the government. Research your state to find out who is currently in office if you’re not already aware of this information.

2.    Social Media: Elected officials oftentimes have a social media page or two. They use the pages to reach people in new, modernized ways that allow them to reach a large audience. Check out the elected official’s social media pages to leave a comment, learn about upcoming information and changes, or send a message.

3.    Pick up the Phone: Most people consider a phone call the most effective way to reach an elected official so don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and make that call. You have an opinion that should be heard. This is a personalized way to reach out.

4.    Town Hall Meetings: Town hall meeting dates are publicly posted for a reason. When you attend the meetings, you learn more about upcoming events and changes in town. You also get the chance to voice your concerns and hear more about how other people feel about the same and similar issues.

how to contact the government

5.    Engagement Initiatives: Groups such as Black Lives Matter and Indivisible Guide are known as engagement initiatives. Involve yourself with groups of interest to ensure that your voice is heard.

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