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What Can Inmates Buy With Deposited Funds?

What Can Inmates Buy With Deposited Funds?

Inmates incarcerated in LA County Jail may get cash deposits from family and friends. The money deposited into an inmate’s account can be used by the inmate to purchase various items from the county’s canteen. Deposits in all amounts are accepted. Once you deposit money into the account, what can an inmate purchase?

Phone Calls

Inmates may use money deposited into their account to make outside phone calls. The jail does not provide any free phone calls for inmates once they are processed into the jail. There is currently no list required so inmates can call anyone they choose. All inmate calls are recorded. Additionally, inmates may use video chat and text message service for pre-approved family and friends.

Hygiene Items

Hygiene items are included in the canteen. Inmates may use their funds to buy hygiene and personal care items such as shampoo, soap, toothpaste, deodorant and other items.  The jail provides some of these items to indigent inmates.

Clothing Items

Inmates may use their funds to purchase white t-shirts, socks, and boxer shorts from the canteen. No other clothing items are available to an inmate.

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Food & Drink Items

Inmates in the LA County Jail can also purchase canteen food items they may eat separate of provided inmate meals. The food items available for purchase vary but include Ramen noodles, snack cakes, coffee, and other similar items.

The items in the list above are subject to change without notice. Inmates may receive unlimited deposits into their account, but may be limited to a certain spending amount each week.

Final Word

Funds may be deposited into an inmate account deposit la county online or by visiting the jail with a money order or credit card. Keep in mind that a processing fee is charged for each inmate deposit. Money is non-refundable.